About You

Every school is unique and special. When we ask our clients about the challenges they face, the same themes arise:


Schools need to integrate different school data, stored in distinct systems. For example, a Student Information System (SIS), a Website Communications System and a Finance System may be supplied by different companies. In order to keep each system up-to-date, data must be constantly transferred between each system, so that all data is current.

Most companies offer some level of data exchange between their systems. These services must be constantly supervised by school personnel, which in turn, require that school personnel be trained to use the service.

PCR Educator has one comprehensive web system for every school operation which is based on one single database, guaranteeing that your data is always current and accurate. Furthermore, by maintaining a single database, we are able to deliver a number of unique features which enhance our users’ experience. Wouldn’t it be great if the system recognized your donors, past staff or alumni when they were applying online for their child? What if you had instant access to an applicant’s behavior from your public website when you were reviewing the application? What would you think if you could track a student’s progress in various tests from his application to graduation? How wonderful would it be if you could distribute targeted donation requests based on a variety of factors such as donors’ children academic performance?


Many schools are utilizing software products that require installation on each computer in the school. In addition, some products require that a school maintains one or more servers on its premises. These servers are expensive, and must be set up and maintained by expensive technicians. The servers must be redundant, and will need to be backed up constantly. Other solutions offer some form of online presence, while still requiring remote desktop or citrix connection for more complicated functions such as reporting or scheduling.

The PCR Cloud solution is a web-based system that provides easy access to all its functions through a web browser. Our clients do not need any servers, installations, or experts on site – PCR takes care of it. Every user can access any of our applications from anywhere in the world, through any computer or mobile device. This approach reduces the overall maintenance costs and increases security, and also ensures that users with any computer – PC or MAC have the same superb experience. Furthermore, we provide responsive design websites, guaranteeing easy access from any device.

Technical Expertise

Many of our new clients have indicated that they were satisfied with the design of their websites produced by other companies, but the functionality, flexibility, and stability of such websites were lacking.

PCR engineers have exceptional technical expertise that will deliver usability and practicality, and also bring your design to a new level. Using our flexible Content Management System, our users are able to easily manage their websites and update content - no need to have a technical background. Moreover, since all parts of the school data are maintained by one system – PCR Educator, our websites have live access to a range of unique features:
  • Online Giving that goes directly to the Fundraising Module
  • Live Faculty, Student and Course Directories
  • School events and news
  • Student grades
  • Attendance
  • Billing
  • Health information
  • Parent-teacher conference sign up
  • Targeted content distribution

Price Considerations

Most schools that are looking for school management software share the desire to find a cost-effective solution.

Because PCR Educator is a cloud-based, online system that has both student records management software and the website communications piece, we are able to bring our costs down, which makes our products more affordable. It is simply efficient. PCR Educator is a complete hosted solution - no need to pay for or maintain servers at the school. No integration with other systems is required.

Flexibility and Customization

PCR Educator is flexible, customizable, and easy. If a school has a current website design, we can keep the design, and simply add the usability and practicality of the PCR Educator website product. You may customize any of your CMS portals including but not limited to Student, Parent and Teacher Connect to meet the needs of your school. You can also drag and drop your site’s elements, add new pages, menus, disable one feature and enable others. Our software is flexible and we are flexible too. Tell us your story and we will find a solution.
PCR Educator K-12 School Information System is an online database engineered for independent and private schools to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent communication and customized design. Being a complete cloud-based solution, PCR Educator system guarantees convenient access anytime, anywhere.