Community Connect (School Management System)

Connect your audience—from applicants, students, and teachers, to alumni, board members, and friends.

Applicant Connect

Parents and prospective students can fill out a customized online application at any time. They can securely fill out portions of it, leave, and return later to pick up right where they left.

Alumni Connect

Personalize communication between the school and your alumni by providing custom messages, targeted news and events, online directories, and image galleries. This will facilitate networking and communication, and encourage users to update personal information. With the built-in “Online Giving” feature, alumni will also have an easy way to support their alma mater.

Student Connect

Create a branded and personalized website for your students. With this feature, students can access their schedules and homework, update their information, view grades, look up classmates, choose classes for the next year, review picture galleries, and follow personalized news.

Online Donations

Gain full control over the donation process by customizing your giving form, pre-filling necessary information for logged in users, feeding available donation options from the fundraising module, automatically processing the information, and thanking the donor with a personalized email.

Parent Connect

Deliver all the information parents need in one place: student schedules, attendance, disciplinary records, transcripts, gradebook, reenrollment contracts, and much more.


Effortlessly manage an unlimited number of calendars without content duplication. With full synchronization among categories, every division, department, sport group, and classroom can create a custom calendar. All events will also get automatically feed into a master calendar, in which students will see due dates for assignments, admission, reenrollment, and payments. School tour and interview dates, and Facebook events will also appear.

Teacher Connect

Teachers can manage day-to-day activities, communicate with parents, and fulfill faculty responsibilities. They will also be able to take attendance, record disciplinary actions, email students, use the gradebook, and much more.

Online (Re)Enrollment Contract & Forms 

Streamline your enrollment process with custom contracts, including financial aid and school fees. Parents will be able to choose from transportation and lunch options, provide medical and photo releases, pay deposit fees, access invoices, and update personal information.
PCR Educator School Information System is engineered for independent schools to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent constituency communication and customized design. Being a complete cloud based solution, PCR Educator system guarantees convenient access anytime, anywhere.