A user must have Development Full role to access Contact Attributes management functions located under Development>Maintenance>Contact Attributes. 

- Create new Contact Attribute Category
- Select a Category you would like to place your new attribute under by using the drop-down menu.
- Type in the name of the new attribute into the text box labeled Attribute Name.
- Select the desired attribute type. 
- If Lookup attribute type is selected, select  Lookup by using the drop-down menu and check Allow Custom Text if applicable.
- If Calculate From type is selected, select Contact filter by using the drop-down menu to allow the new calculated attribute automatically be assigned to Contacts who match the selected filter.
- Click Create button. 

You will see the attribute you just created in Contact Attributes list below. If you selected a category that is used in Type Calculations, the new attribute now has Up and Down buttons located next to its name. These buttons allow you to move the attribute up or down, therefore adjusting its priority in Contact Type calculations.

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