Cybersecurity Attacks Continue to Affect Millions of Users Nationwide

Maryland-based PCR Educator prepares a multimillion-dollar expansion of its high-tech data centers architecture, the company disclosed Tuesday.

The first phase of the project will include an upgrade to its virtual cloud-hosting platform later this year—and an expansion of PCR Educator's partnership with Microsoft. PCR Educator operates one of the state's largest commercial data centers in Maryland, which hosts, monitors, and manages information technology infrastructure for hundreds of educational institutions.

“We would expect to complete the final phase of the upgrades in early 2021,” said Thomas deBettencourt.

The demand for such upgrades is growing with the increased number of schools operating PCR Educator School Management System.

 “While the project may appear costly on the surface, we feel that these upgrades are necessary to ensure that our clients' data is subjected to the highest security and information technology standards.”

PCR Educator's plan to upgrade its infrastructure was announced just days after its competitors suffered from a cyberattack impacting multiple educational organizations. The week of Thanksgiving, the Baltimore County Public Schools system was shut down by a ransomware attack that hit all its network systems. “The cyberattack brought classes to a halt for a few days for the 115,000 students attending classes entirely online due to the coronavirus pandemic.” (Baltimore Sun) Earlier this year, one of PCR Educator's main competitors Blackbaud Inc, which provides software for schools, experienced a similar security breach that resulted in multiple lawsuits from its clients. (BBC News)

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