Donations are contributions that a contact (donor) makes. There are different Donation Types that schools can record.

Frequently Used Terms

Donation Date refers to the original date the donation was received.

Original Amount reflects the initial amount that is recorded on a donation. Original Amount = Donation Amount + Written Off Amount.

Written Off Amount reflects the amount that the school is not able to collect on a donation.

Donation Amount reflects the total collectible amount after Written Off Amount is subtracted. Donation Amount = Original Amount - Written Off Amount.

Paid Amount reflects the total amount paid.

Balance = Donation Amount - Paid Amount.

# of Installments option will evenly distribute the total pledge amount into the specified number of installments.

Installment Amount option will automatically designate the number of installments it will take to pay off the pledge.

Non Tax Deductible refers to the amount that donors cannot deduct from their income on their tax returns.

Description field is used to provide a short description of the donation . This information can be shown in documents and emails and has a limit of 255 characters.

Note field is used to provide a long description of the donation. This information is usually kept internally and not shared with donors. It has a limit of 2000 characters.

Anonymous Until field refers to a date up until the donor wishes to remain anonymous for a donation. If the donor wishes to remain anonymous indefinitely, please enter a date far into the future.

Indicator field provides an option to associate the donation to the entire family or an individual contact within the family.

Donation Alternate Salutation can be used to address a donor with a different salutation on a specific donation. A school may wish to use a donor's nickname/preferred name on donations that are allocated to an Alumni Fund.

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