Donation Types

A Gift is commonly used to record a one-time donation made by the donor with an enclosed payment.

A Pledge is a commitment made by the donor with payments that are due in the future. A donor may decide to submit the first payment right away or wait until the future to fulfill the pledge. A pledge can be set up to have a defined final payment date or it can be set up as a recurring pledge, where the donor commits to periodical payments without a defined end date.

A Matching Donation provides a way for companies and organizations to match donations that are made by their employees or corporate partners.

Note: A matching donation is always treated like a pledge even if there is only one payment made against it.

Example: Let's say that a donor gives a gift of $100 to your school. If their company fully matches the gift, you will create a matching donation which will automatically be set up as a pledge with a scheduled due date. Once the pledge payment from the company is received, you will allocate that payment to the open pledge.

A Pledge Payment is a payment received on an existing pledge or a matching pledge.

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