Attendance Type

Attendance Types are types associated with attendance records in a database. The definition of attendance types is shared across all divisions, however, you may enable/disable each one of the types per division.

Attendance Type Description – the label associated with the attendance type. 

Historical Meaning – this identifier allows schools to associate custom defined attendance types with predefined attendance types: Absent Excused, Absent Unexcused, Late Excused, Late Unexcused. The historical meaning will determine how attendance is summarized at the end of the year, how it's displayed on report cards and transcripts.  

Example: a school has attendance types: Absent Excused (Doctor Visit), Absent Excused (Approved Family Absence), Absent Excused (Sports Game). If these three attendance types are associated with historical meaning Absent Excused, then at the end of the year, the system will summarize all records for these three types as Absent Excused for historical attendance (Admin>Students>Dashboard>Details>Historical Attendance), report cards, transcripts.

Navigate to Security>Maintenance>Attendance Types to configure attendance types.

Navigate to Admin>Maintenance>Attendance Setup to configure attendance types on the division level. Here you can specify default attendance points associated with each type, enable/disable each attendance type for the selected division and identify whether each attendance type is teacher selectable. Teachers are only allowed to record attendance for teacher selectable attendance types. 

Note: In the scenario when a student exhibits multiple attendance types on a given day, for example, if the student arrives late and leaves early, you can create a consolidated Attendance Type such as “Late/Leaving Early.”

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