Configuring Gradebook

Each teacher needs to set up gradebook categories in the CMS Staff Portal in order for them to enter gradebook assessments to show on the calendar and in the gradebook. 

Recording Gradebook Category

To create gradebook categories:
- Navigate to the Gradebook Settings/Preferences page in your Teacher Portal. Please note that each school has the flexibility to rename this page and add it to the - Teacher Portal according to their preferences.
- In the Add New Category section, select the division you want to add the gradebook category to from the Division dropdown and Enter the gradebook category name.
- Click “Add.” The gradebook category should now be added to this page.
- Click “Edit” on the bottom right corner of the gradebook category.
- Use checkboxes to select all of the course sections that the gradebook category applies to.
- In the Weight column, you can specify the gradebook category weighting for each section.
- Use the Excl. Drop column to make the gradebook category ineligible for lowest grade calculation. For more information, see Configuring Gradebook Settings.
- Click the Update button in the bottom right corner of the gradebook category to save the changes you have made.


- Gradebook categories and gradebook category weighting are set up for the entire school year.
- You may not change a gradebook category or gradebook category weight once progress or report card marks have been recorded. Doing so could skew the grades that were already populated.  Note: The school administration can temporarily enable changing weights and preferences per course section by specifying an Allow Weight Calculations Overwrite Until date. 
- If you want to modify the gradebook category weighting after a marking period while leaving the calculations for that marking period unchanged, you must add a new gradebook category with a new gradebook category name. Example:  You have a Homework category worth 20% in quarter 1 and 2.  You want it to only be worth 10% in quarter 3 and 4.  Add a new category called Homework Q3 with the new weight and only use the new category for new homework.  This way, you are not changing the gradebook category weighting, you are creating new gradebook categories with new gradebook category weights.
- You cannot move an existing gradebook assessment to a different gradebook category.

Recording Gradebook Assessment

- On the Assessments screen, click “New.”
- Enter gradebook assessment details.
- If there is any additional information you would like to enter about the gradebook assessments, you can record that information in the multi-line text box.
- This information will be available to students and parents.
- Select the classes that you would like to apply this gradebook assessment to by using the checkboxes to the left of the course name.
- With each selected course, you can enter additional information:
*Points: Populate this if you'd like to override points for a specific section.
*Start: Populate this if you'd like to override start date for a specific section.
*Due: Populate this if you'd like to override due date for a specific section.
*Visible: Populate this if you'd like to override visible date for a specific section.
- Click “Save.”
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