Recording Gradebook Grades

- Navigate to the gradebook page. This may be located under the “Class” heading or somewhere else depending on your school's set up.
- If gradebook categories have been configured, gradebook assessments have been created, and gradebook entry dates are open, you should be able to view and record gradebook grades for each student.
- To add a gradebook assessment grade, click onto one of the cells that correspond to the correct student and gradebook assessment. The student row and gradebook assessment column will be highlighted and you should be able to enter a numerical grade.
- To enter a comment for a specific grade, right click on the cell. A pop-up box should show up which will allow you to enter a comment.
- Grades are automatically saved when you move the cursor to another cell.
- Verify that grades are calculated based on your gradebook category/assessment weights.


- By default, each cell will contain two asterisks. The gradebook will not include this gradebook assessment in the calculated marks for any student with the two asterisks. Any gradebook assessments that are marked with **, will show up in the “Missing Grades” widget in the Teacher Portal if the gradebook assessment due dates have passed.
- The values that can be entered into the gradebook include:
* Numbers – The total number of points the student received on a gradebook assessment. If the student received no credit for a gradebook assessment, make sure you enter 0 (zero) for the gradebook assessment.
* EX – This can be used to mark that a gradebook assessment is excused. This will not be calculated into the student's grade and will not appear as a missing grade for the student.
* IP – This can be used to mark that a gradebook assessment is in progress. This will not be calculated into the student's grade.

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