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Marking Period Info records control visibility and access for a variety of Term and Quarter specific functions.  You can access this page under Admin > Maintenance > Marking Period Info.  To access this page, you will need Archiving Full, or Archiving Read roles.  The Term will be designated as either Semester or Trimester depending on how the School Info is set up and can be different for each school division. 

Period Name is the name of the marking period.  In the case of a Trimester school, there will be one marking period per Trimester.  In the case of a Semester school, there will be two marking periods per term (Quarters).

Attendance Dates refers to the date range when classes are actually in session. 

Faculty Report Card Entry controls when teachers are able to enter Report Card marks and comments for the marking period.

Faculty Progress Report Entry controls when teachers are able to enter Progress Report marks and comments for the marking period.

Faculty Gradebook Open controls when teachers can enter grades for the marking period.

Student Self Entry controls when students may enter Self Comments on the Student Portal.

Parent-Teacher Conference Registration
 dates controls when parents may sign up for Parent Teacher Conference on the Parent Portal.

Student Activity Registration dates control when students may sign up for a Student Activity Course.


Semester divisions must have exactly two semesters and two marking periods per semester.  Trimester divisions must have exactly three trimesters and one marking period per trimester.

A Semester school can opt to not use certain marking periods if they only want one marking period per Term.  If a school chooses to do this, they should use marking periods 2 and 4 in order for the grades to operate properly in grade book, report cards, and transcripts.

Generally, Faculty Gradebook Open may extend somewhat past the end of the Attendance Dates as teacher work on finalizing Report Card grades.  It should not extend past the Faculty Report Card Entry dates.

All start dates take effect as of midnight of that day.  All end dates include through the end of the day, turning off at 11:59 pm.  Also note that this is the local time specified in Application Settings.

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