Importing New Records - Historical Marks

Follow the steps for Importing New Records.

Field Required Type Sample Values Notes
Student_Id Yes, if student first/last/birthdate is unspecified Identifier “12345”
Student_First_Name No Lookup "John
Student_Last_Name No Lookup "Doe"
Birthdate No Lookup "1/1/2000"
School_Year Yes Data "2000/2001" Courses in the same school year are grouped together on transcripts. Format must be xxxx/yyyy
Grade_Level No Lookup "11" Matches with the integer value in Grade Levels.  Note: This grade level is the grade level of the student when they took the course.
Grade_Level_Id Yes, if grade_level is unspecified Identifier
Course_Name Yes Data "Algebra I" Does not need to match course names offered by your school.
External_Course Yes Datasource "0 1 indicates the course was taken at another school. 0 indicates the course is taken at the school.
School_Name No Data Name of the school an external course is taken
Number_of_Semesters Yes Datasource "2" Possible values include 1, 2, 3, or 4
Credits_Per_Semester No Data "0.5" Value may be 0 or blank.
Include_In_GPA Yes Datasource "1" 1 indicates grades are included in gpa. 0 indicates grades are not included in gpa.
Hist_Transcript_Course_Name No Data An alternative course name which may be shown depending on the transcript setup
Class_Rank_Type No Lookup "AP Only" Source is based on CourseClass Rank” types
Attribute1 No Data
Attribute2 No Data
Attribute3 No Data
Course_Type3 No Data
Department_Id Yes Identifier "5" The department id helps determine which school division the record is for
First_Mark No Data "A"
Second_Mark No Data "95"
Third_Mark No Data "P"
Final_Mark No Data "A"
Teacher_Last_Name No Data "Smith" Does not need to match a teacher name with your school
Teacher_First_Name No Data "Jane" Does not need to match a teacher name with your school
First_Effort No Data
Second_Effort No Data
Third_Effort No Data
Fourth_Effort No Data
First_Quarter No Data
Second_Quarter No Data
Third_Quarter No Data
Fourth_Quarter No Data
First_Exam No Data
Second_Exam No Data
Third_Exam No Data
First_Final_Exam No Data
Second_Final_Exam No Data
Third_Final_Exam No Data
Course_Id No Lookup Leave this field blank unless directed otherwise
Section No Lookup Leave this field blank unless directed otherwise
BC_Trax_Examinable_Course No Datasource "1" 1 indicates that the course is an examinable course, 0 indicates the opposite
BC_Trax_Electronic_Exam No Datasource "1" 1 indicates that the student takes the electronic exam, 0 indicates the opposite
BC_Trax_Course_Code No Data "EN"
BC_Trax_Course_Level No Data "10"
BC_Trax_Course_Type No Data "E" E means equivalency and C means challenge
BC_Trax_Month No Data "6" Must be a value 1-12 or blank
BC_Trax_Proc_Spec_Case No Data "D" R means Rewrite, D means Deferral
BC_Trax_Related_Code No Data “YSSC”
BC_Trax_Related_Level No Data "11B"
BC_Trax_to_Write No Data "1" 1 indicates the student opted to write the optional exam, 0 indicates the opposite
BC_Trax_School_Percent No Data "95"
BC_Trax_Exam_Percent No Data "95"
BC_Trax_Grad_Req No Data "F" F meets Fine Arts, A meets Applied Skills, B meets both requirements
Course_Start_Date No Data "9/1/2000"
Course_End_Date No Data “12/1/2000”
Course_Type_Level_Id No Identifier "6" Course Type Levels are typically used for Graduation Requirements or Prerequisites
Lookup_Course_Type_Level_Id No Lookup "6" Used to look up the couse_type_level_id
Lookup_Course_Type No Lookup "Math" Used to look up the couse_type_level_id
Lookup_Course_Level No Lookup "105" Used to look up the couse_type_level_id

Note: Typically, only First_Mark, Second_Mark, Third_Mark, and/or Final_Mark are showing on transcripts. Other marks are retained only for data mining purposes.
Note: Only one record per student may have the same School_Year, Grade_Level_Id, Course_Name, External_Course, School_Name
Note: Attributes 1-3 and Course_Type3 are used to store custom data
Note: For BC fields, see the TRAX Specification for British Columbia reporting requirements.
Note: Course_Id and Section are included for completeness. These fields are only intended for use by PCR Educator software when Closing the School Year.
PCR Educator K-12 School Information System is an online database engineered for independent and private schools to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent communication and customized design. Being a complete cloud-based solution, PCR Educator system guarantees convenient access anytime, anywhere.

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