DAT Group

Each DAT Query is associated to a DAT Group. DAT Groups allow you to organize Data Analytics Tool queries into groups.  To access the group page, navigate to DAT > Manage Groups.  You must have the Security Full role to access this page.

To add a new Group, enter the name next to the Save button and click Save.

To delete a Group, click the [X] button next to the group name.  

Note: If you delete a group, the queries associated with the group will no longer be accessible.  

Note: The “PCR (Imported)” Group is created by PCR Educator and has standard pre-built queries. Feel free to modify and save them as a new query in *another* group so that they are specific to your school's needs. We will often update existing and create new queries in the “PCR (Imported)” group  - all queries saved in this group are removed and replaced during an update. To request a standard query that you feel may benefit other schools as well, please email support@pcreducator.com.

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