DAT Filter

A DAT Filter is a Data Analytics Tool (DAT) feature that allows you to create comprehensive search conditions to restrict the data you are working with. These filters can be used in:

- a DAT Query

- a list of entities (such as the list of students, courses, or households)

- CMS portal as a mechanism to restrict the visibility of certain elements

- Automated Notifications as a mechanism to determine  the list of recipients

- (Re)Enrollment Contracts and Forms to determine the list of eligible households and students
A DAT Filter is similar to a DAT Query since it is constructed in a similar fashion where the initial table is predetermined and then you add conditions and table joins. The main difference is that in case of a DAT Query the output is data in a list or chart format, whilea DAT filter, is a comprehensive mechanism for limiting data.

Note: DAT Filter is a recursive concept as each new DAT Filter may consist of several DAT Filters. 

Note: You have the option for Saving DAT Filters for reuse.

Note: DAT Filters prefixed with “[PCR Imported]” are created by PCR Educator. Feel free to use them as a reference or save them as a new DAT Filter with a new name. We will often update existing and create new queries with the “[PCR Imported]” naming convention - all these filters are removed and replaced during an update. To request a standard DAT filter that you feel may benefit other schools as well, please email support@pcreducator.com.  Note: These filters are for reference only.  Do not use these filters as a setting.  Instead, save a copy of the filter and use the copy instead. 

Follow the steps for Initializing DAT Filter to use DAT Filters.

Here is a comprehensive index of the articles for DAT:

DAT Filter
-Initializing DAT Filter
--Initializing DAT Filter from DAT Query
--Initializing DAT Filter from List
--Adding DAT Filter Condition
--Creating New DAT Filter
---DAT Query - Step 1 - Adding Conditions
---DAT Query - Step 1 - Connecting Tables
---Managing DAT Filter Conditions 
-Saving DAT Filter
-Managing DAT Filter
--Deleting DAT Filter
-Reviewing Existing DAT Filter
-DAT Query and DAT Filter Common Mistakes
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