(Re) Enrollment Contract Enrollment Options Setup

The (Re) Enrollment Contract Setting Enrollment Options are (Re) Enrollment Contract Settings for new and existing students to determine how actions are applied when starting and completing the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  The enrollment options are specified on the Contract > Settings page.

Enrollment Profile Options section allows you to specify which Enrollment Profile the system automatically applies when the student who matches the selected Status and Substatus submits the (Re) Enrollment Contract. Note: If the School Year is Closed setting is unchecked, then the system will do a match on the student's next year Status and Substatus.  Otherwise, it will match on the student's current year Status and Substatus.

You may have several groups of (Re) Enrollment Contract Settings Enrollment Profile Options addressing newly enrolled students, students who are transitioning from their first year in your school to the second, and other re-enrolling students.  The Enrollment Profile which is applied is based on the first matching status and substatus, so the order that the Enrollment Profiles are listed is important.  Note: If nothing is specified for the status field, it matches any status.  If nothing is specified for the substatus field, it matches any substatus.  You should have at least two Enrollment Profiles specified, one for new students and one for returning students.  Example:  In the example below, all students who have a “Pre-Enrolled” status match with the “Enroll New Student” Enrollment Profile and receive the actions associated with that profile.  All students who have an “Enrolled” status match with the “Enroll Existing Student” and receive actions associated with that profile.  In both of these cases, the substatus does not matter and is not checked.

Title Match Status Match Substatus
Enroll New Student Pre-Enrolled
Enroll Existing Student Enrolled

Note:  Withdrawn students are typically excluded by the Student Criteria, and would re-enroll through the admissions process as a Pre-Enrolled student.

Note:  For admissions records, the expected process is the student record is automatically created from the inquiry record with the Pre-Enrolled for Contract enrollment profile actions applied by the (Re) Enrollment Contract when the parent logs in.  Once parents complete the (Re) Enrollment Contract, the student receives actions based on the Enrollment Profile they qualify for in the Enrollment Profile OptionsNote: PCR Educator advises that the Pre-Enrolled enrollment profile contains an action setting the student status to Pre-Enrolled.  A Newly Enrolled enrollment profile should apply actions which set the student's status to Enrolled and substatus to Newly Enrolled upon (Re) Enrollment Contract submission.  For returning students, the enrollment profile they qualify for should only apply an action which changes their the substatus to Active upon (Re) Enrollment Contract submission.  The Enrolled action should already exist for returning students and have their original enrolled date.  If the student has multiple Enrolled actions the enrolled date on transcripts may report incorrectly.

Note: The (Re) Enrollment Contract is for a specific year, which is also the year that is used as the action academic years when applying the enrollment profile actions.
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