(Re) Enrollment Contract Profile

(Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles separate all students into distinct groups (profiles) allowing a school to customize the appearance and the content of your (Re) Enrollment Contract for students in each group.  To access the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles for the (Re) Enrollment Contract, choose the Profiles menu.  A simple (Re) Enrollment Contract might have two (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles - one for existing students and one for new students.  A more complicated (Re) Enrollment Contract might have over a dozen (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles depending on the grade level of the student, whether they are receiving financial aid, if they are foreign or local, etc., with each permutation being a different (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile.  Note:  You should have as few (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles as possible while still accommodating all your students.  There may be (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile Alternatives for you to consider.

Each (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile consists of a name and an associated Student DAT Filter.  When the parent begins a contract for a student, the DAT Filter determines which (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile the student belongs to.  Example:  Here we have a (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile specific for 9th and 10th grade students.  In this case, to qualify for the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile, the student must have a next year grade level of 9 or 10, and be an Enrolled student.  (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles will typically involve status and grade level next year, though you might also include Day or Boarding, International, or even custom attributes when determining your profiles.

Name Query Description
9-10 must have Student Info (Grade Level Ny in (9, 10)) And must have Student Info, Statuses By Division (School Year Str = Next Year AND Status = Enrolled AND Substatus <> Not Returning)

Note: Every student who participates in contracts should qualify for exactly one (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile.  The DAT Filters for the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles must not overlap.

Note: You might want to consider creating (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile based on tuition levels since each (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile has a tuition product.  Example:  The tuition amount for lower school might be much different than the high school.  Because the tuition amount is different, the product associated with (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options will need to be different.  So, you would need a (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile for lower school and high school.
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