(Re) Enrollment Contract Radio Button Control

The (Re) Enrollment Contract Radio Button Control is a (Re) Enrollment Contract Control that allows the user to choose only one of a predefined set of mutually exclusive options.  While there is no “required” (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Option for radio buttons, one choice is always selected.  If you want to make sure that the user is aware that they have to select an (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Option, you can create a required checkbox control above or below the (Re) Enrollment Contract Radio Button Control.  This will prevent the parent from just scrolling through the contract without looking at the radio button control.  Example:  You want to make sure that the parent reviews the available payment plans rather than just scrolling through and clicking submit.  In the example below, the parent must check the “I/We agree” checkbox in order to submit the(Re) Enrollment Contract.  This checkbox is immediately before the payment plan.

I/We agree to the following payment option of our choice (please check this box and select one below):

Ten Monthly Payments
Semi-Annual Payment
Annual Payment

Each radio button (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Option is associated with a different product (or no product) and is included on the (Re) Enrollment Contract invoice based on the product associated with the user's selection. 
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