(Re) Enrollment Contract Overrides

(Re) Enrollment Contract Overrides is a concept that allows schools to handle exceptions by overriding the fees calculated by the system based on the student's (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile.  When a parent starts a (Re) Enrollment Contract for a student, the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options are applied to that student based on the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile they belong to.  Once the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options are populated, the fees can be customized.

If a student has not yet begun the (Re) Enrollment Contract, they appear in the list of Students without options.  To modify their fee structure, choose the student and click the “Create Contract Options” button.  This creates their (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options based on the (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile they match - as if the parent has started the (Re) Enrollment Contract for that student.

If a student has already begun the (Re) Enrollment Contract, or once you have created their (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options, and their (Re) Enrollment Contract is not yet submitted then you can adjust their fees.
    1. Choose the student whose fee you need to adjust.  Note: If the student does not appear in this dropdown, either they have not yet begun the (Re) Enrollment Contract or the (Re) Enrollment Contract may already be submitted.
    2. Locate the fee you wish to change.
    3. Change the fee to the desired amount and click the Save button.  Note:  You can specify a negative fee amount.  Note: The total of all fees should not result in a negative invoice.  Invoices with a negative total cannot be posted.

Once you have changed the fee structure for the student's (Re) Enrollment Contract, the parent must log back in to see the updated fees in any text on the screen.

Note:  If you change the student record in a manner such that they now qualify for a different profile, you need to clean the student's (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options as explained in (Re) Enrollment Contract Cleaning Options for Students.  Now, re-create the student's (Re) Enrollment Contract Control Options using the Students without options process above, and modify the fees as desired.
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