(Re) Enrollment Contract Profile Alternatives

The more (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles you have, the more work it is to build the DAT Filters and maintain the control texts and options.  You want to limit the number of profiles you need to maintain, and sometimes you can consider other options.  

Example: You may have lower tuition for students of Faculty members.  Instead of adding new profiles for Faculty Students, you might be able to use one of the following options instead.
    - If you have very few such students, you can use (Re) Enrollment Contract Overrides to set their specific tuition amounts.  Keep in mind that if you make any changes to the contracts or products, you need to clean and redo the options for each student.
    - Create Financial Aid for the students of your faculty.  The (Re) Enrollment Contract Financial Aid Control includes appropriate financial aid adjusting the tuition or total contract amount.

Note:  You can only use this approach when the verbiage on an existing (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile is acceptable.  If there is custom verbiage or different options you want to make available to the parent submitting the (Re) Enrollment Contract then you will need to create new DAT Filters and (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles.
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