Grade Level

Grade levels are defined for the whole school (database). Using School Info configuration, a school administrator can associate some or all of database grade levels to the selected division.  To configure grade levels navigate to Security > Maintenance > Grade Levels.  You need DBA Full or Security Full roles to access this page.

Code is a short form description for a grade level.  Example: PK for Pre-Kindergarten  Note: You may want to have a leading 0 for single digit number grades to force them to sort alphabetically in various places.

Integer Value acts as a sorting mechanism for the grade level.

Description is the long description for the grade level.  Note: You will mostly be working with the Code throughout the system.

Adjective is available as a merge field for Admissions email and print templates.  Example: Grade level 5 can have the adjective of fifth.  This allows the merges to include sentences like “Welcome to the fifth grade.”  You could use 5th for the adjective instead.

Next Grade Level is used by the student multi-action “Next Year” to determine the next grade level to assign to a student based on their current grade level.

1701 Code Is used for BC Ministry Reporting and is applicable only to BC Canada schools.

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