Configuring SPF Sender Authentication

If you have an SPF record set for your domain (i.e. already, you must add a unique alphanumeric string before the “all” part of this record in order to authenticate mailings through your PCR Educator account. If you do not have an existing SPF record for your domain, you must create a TXT record with “”.  An example of an spf record is:

v=spf1 -all.

In this example, there is a unique SPF record for the authorization of outbound mail for PCR Educator ( The "-all" inclusion versus an "~all" inclusion indicates that this SPF record is the only record used to authenticate mail for your domain. Make sure to include any other authorized sender into this SPF record if you need to authenticate mailings from other sources.
Never create more than one SPF1 record for a given domain. If you have multiple SPF records for one domain, you need to merge any additional SPF records into one SPF record. You also cannot have more than 10 DNS lookups in your single SPF record.  See here for details:

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