CMS Widgets - Reporting Options

Reporting Options appear on two types of CMS Widgets:
    - CMS Widget - Report Runner
    - CMS Widget - Simple Report Runner

Send Email When Complete determines whether an email is sent to the user's email address when the report has finished rendering.  Note: Send Email When Complete is only applicable to PDF reports.

Show Extra Conditions determines whether additional conditions may be added when running the report. Note: Show Extra Conditions is only applicable to PDF reports.

Single Record determines whether a report is run for an individual record or a set of selected records.

Note:  To make reports available to teachers, associate the Faculty role with the DAT Query.  To make the report available to parents, associate the Parent role with the DAT Query. To make the report available to students, associate the Student role with the DAT Query

Note: Be careful regarding what information is made available in the DAT Query - while the ability to access health and financial information is initially hidden behind user roles in the DAT, the user who creates the report can specify whatever roles they wish for the report availability.  Note: Custom roles can be created in the CMS, and used as roles for a DAT Query.
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