Configuring Evaluation

To configure evaluations:

1. Create a Score Entry TypeNote: Score entry types for evaluations are always “All Division” score entry types.
2. Create a Scoring Category.
3. Create a Score Type.
4. Create Evaluation Categories.  
5. Create Evaluations.  Note:  This is a subset of Actions, except this page only shows actions associated with an Evaluation action category.  Example: Some Admissions evaluation types you might include are “Interview” or “Committee Recommendation.”

In the case when you want the school members without Admissions roles to be able to log into the Admissions module, review their assigned applicants' data, and record the results of the evaluations (interviews, assessments, committee decisions, application recommendations), follow these extra steps:

6. Create Evaluation Requirements.  Note:  This is a subset of Admissions Checklist Actions, except the page only shows actions associated with an Evaluation action category.  Note: Evaluation actions must be part of a checklist for an Evaluator to access them.
7. Follow the steps for Assigning Evaluators
8. Follow the steps for Configuring Evaluation Dashboard
9. Follow the steps for Recording Inquiry Action - by Evaluator

Note: Recording student evaluations is performed through Student > Details > Evaluations.
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