Admissions Checklist

An admissions checklist is a named set of ordered actions that is associated with an inquiry filter which defines a group of inquiry records. The Admissions Checklist is a very important concept that allows schools and parents to:
- quickly see all actions which are expected to be completed for the selected inquiry/applicant record
- quickly review all completed actions
- manage workflows and automated actions which are triggered by completed actions
Example:  An Applicant checklist associated with an Applicant filter (all inquiries with inquiry action's action description = Application Received for the current admissions year) tracks all actions that any applicant has to complete (interviews, test results, visits, etc).
Example: An Inquiry checklist associated with an Inquiry filter (all inquiries with a status = Inquiry) tracks all available actions for inquiries with a status of Inquiry.
Example: Parents attend an “Open House” event.  The “Open House” event is the a previous action for a follow-up “Open House Thank You Email” action.  When the “Open House” action is marked as completed, then the follow-up “Open House Thank You Email” is automatically scheduled and sent.

To create or edit an admissions checklist, navigate to Admissions > Maintenance > Checklists.  You need the Admissions Full role to access this page.  Note: You should consider what different admissions checklists you will want to create, and create the DAT Filters first.  Planning the admissions checklists ahead of time will simplify the checklist creation processes.

Note: Admissions checklists do not need to be mutually exclusive. I.e. you may have a checklist Applicant to keep track of all actions necessary for any applicant, but you may also have Applicant Upper School and Applicant Lower School checklists to track actions specific to the relevant divisions. When the system loads a checklist for the selected inquiry record, it automatically determines which checklist qualify based on the filters. In other words, an inquiry may belong to multiple checklists.  For example, a foreign applicant belongs to both the All Applicants checklist and Foreign Applicants checklist.

Filter is a filter to determine which inquiries belong to the current admissions checklist.

Completed Action is an action applied to the inquiry record once all actions in the current checklist are completed.  Note:  This action can change the status or substatus resulting in the inquiry belonging to a new checklist with a new set of actions to complete.

Example: All your inquiries are receive an initial phone call and are invited to an open house.  All your applicants need to complete an interview, submit a teacher recommendation, and submit an application.  All your foreign applicants need to submit a copy of their VISA, a copy of the Passport, and a record of immunizations.  Your middle and high school applicants might need to submit a current report card or transcript.  These could be five separate checklists: All Inquiries, All Applicants, Foreign Applicants, Middle School, High School.

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