Recording Inquiry Action - Individual

Navigate to Admissions > Inquiry/Applicants > Details > Checklists.   You need the Admissions Read or Admissions Full role to access this area of the Admissions module and the Actions Full or Actions Read role to access this page.

Note:  The system shows/records actions for the selected Admissions Checklist academic year.  The academic year dropdown appears in the upper right corner of the page.

Locate the appropriate Admissions Checklist action and click the “Schedule” or “Complete” checkbox.  Alternatively, if the action is not in the Admissions Checklist, choose the appropriate item from the Action dropdown at the bottom of the page and click the “Add” button.

Note:  If you choose an Email action, you have the opportunity to edit the email to be sent. 
Note:  If you choose an Evaluation action, additional section and score fields are available.  The Evaluation Site dropdown is customized by Configuring Action (Evaluation Sections) 
Note:  If you choose a Mail action, you have the option to generate and print the associated document.

To upload a file attachment, click on the paper clip image in the files column.

To delete an action, click the link of a scheduled or completed action, and click the “delete” button.  Note: If the action scheduled an email to be sent in the future, deleting the action does not delete the email notification job.  The notification job must be deleted separately.

Note: You can change the sort order from Action Date to Action Order using the dropdown on the top left.
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