Recording Inquiry Action - by Evaluator

As an Evaluator, to record an Admissions Evaluation for an inquiry navigate to Admissions > Evaluations > 9 Evaluations.  You need the Admissions Evaluator role to access this page.  Locate the desired Inquiry and Evaluation, and click the “Review” link.  Note:  By default, only inquiries who have a checklist for the current admissions year (or later) and do not yet have the number of required reviews completed show up for the evaluator.

If the evaluation has not yet been started, click the “Start” button.

The “Save” button allows you to record information without completing the evaluation.

The “Undo” button cancels the evaluation and discards any saved data.  To resume the evaluation after an “Undo,” click the “Start” button.

The “Submit” button finalizes the evaluation.  Note:  Once the evaluation is submitted, you cannot make any more changes.

Note:  Change where you enter the evaluation information by using the buttons in the top right of the entry section.  You may place the entry section on the left, right, or bottom of the page.

Note: Evaluations also appear as actions on the Admissions Checklist.

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