Admissions Event

An Admissions Event is a record that tracks admissions events. You may create any number of admissions events for each Admissions Event Category. Typically available admissions events are exposed to parents through CMS Admissions Portal where parents can sign up for the upcoming events. Similarly, you can record an inquiry action that is connected to an event. To access Admissions Events, navigate to Admissions > Maintenance > Events.  You need the Admissions Full role to access this page.  Note: By default, this page shows all upcoming events. To see all events in this Event Category including prior events, click the Include All Events checkbox.

The Category dropdown determines which event category show / create.

Date is the date of an individual event.

Start is the start time of the event.

End is the end time of the event.

Capacity is how many people may sign up for an event.  Note: This is different than the Max Attendees Per Family in the Admissions Event CategoryCapacity limits the total number of signups for the timeslot and is based on the sum of each sign-up's attendee count.

Attending is the current count of attendees for the event.  Note: You have the option of only allowing 1 attendee per signup and allowing the parent to list the actual attendees in a comment.

Seats Left is how many more attendees spots are available to sign up for the event.

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