Configuring Enrollment Profile (Hybrid)

A hybrid approach is a hybrid of Configuring Enrollment Profile (School-centric) and 
Configuring Enrollment Profile (Division-centric).  The intention is to use the Division-centric setup where necessary but otherwise take a School-centric approach.

Example:  Your school has an Lower School, Middle School, Upper School, and Summer Camp divisions.  You can set up shared actions and profiles with a School-centric setup for the Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School.  You can set up Division-centric actions for the Summer Camp.   The main division has standard shared actions with the advantages and disadvantages of a School-centric setup - the Enrolled action is associated with all three divisions.  The Summer Camp has its own separate set of actions in a Division-centric setup - the Summer Enrolled action is only associated with the Summer Camp division.

Note: Schools with an Admissions division can be considered a hybrid setup.  Even if the Lower, Middle, and High Schools all have individualized Enrolled actions, those actions are also shared with the Admissions division.

    - A relatively simpler setup than a full Division-centric setup
    - Can be retrofitted to an existing School-centric setup when adding a Summer Camp division

    - Status by division may be considered inaccurate for the divisions sharing actions.  Example:  A first grade student has an Enrolled status even from the High School's perspective.
    - Cannot “Graduate” students from individual divisions sharing actions and have that reflected in the student's status.
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