Verifying (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile

One of the important steps in verifying that the (Re) Enrollment Contract is ready to be released to parents is confirming that each (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile is tested.  Follow these steps to test each (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile:
    - Submit a (Re) Enrollment Contract using a student which qualifies for (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile.
    - Verify the text and options for each (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile.
    - Confirm that each (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile has (Re) Enrollment Contract Payment Options Control specifying a payment term.  If a parent attempts to submit a contract without a payment term, the invoice cannot be created and they will receive an error.
    - Remember is changes are made to a (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile or (Re) Enrollment Contact Controls, the options for the student must be cleaned prior to further testing: (Re) Enrollment Contract Cleaning Control Options for Students

Note:  If a change is made to the test student such that they would qualify for a different enrollment profile then the options must be cleaned for the student prior to further testing.  Note:  This is also true once the (Re) Enrollment Contract is live.  If a student is changed such that they would qualify for a different (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile then their options must be cleaned.  Example: The student was listed as a Day student, but has been switched to be a Boarding student.  You have a different (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile for each of those situations.  The student options should be cleaned.  Otherwise, if the parent has already begun the (Re) Enrollment Contract then they will see the Day options and fees.
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