Communicating Login / Password

New logins and passwords created manually by the school may be sent to students and parents through an email merge. Note: This process relies on using the default password function to create the users.  If the users were created by other means, the actual password may be unknown.  Example:  As a school, you may have a standard format for all your student usernames.  After creating a DAT Query with the student id, email, and default password field, you can import the new student username and send an email merge to all the students with their username and default password.  Note: In the DAT, Default Passwords for students are found in Student Info.  Default Passwords for parents are found in Households.

    1.  Navigate to Security > Users.  You need the Security Full role to access this page and to perform the Email Merge multi-action.

    2.  Create a DAT Filter to locate the desired users.  Note: The Createdate field is available in the users table and is useful for locating users created by an import.

    3.  Select the users and perform an Email Merge multi-action.

    4.  Construct the email.  Include the “UserName” and “DefaultPassword” fields.  Note:  This email may be the parent or student's first introduction to the parent / student portal. Include links to the appropriate portal.  Note:  The email may be saved as a template for reuse.

Note:  Parents and Students who already have logins and passwords - those who have received logins and passwords while inquiring / applying online, or have users from prior years - retain their current passwords and should not receive this email. You may wish to communicate information about the parent / student portal for such users in a separate email merge.

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