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If the user is unable to login to a CMS page, then confirm that their user has sufficient rights to access the page.
    1. Check that they are trying to log into an appropriate location.  Example: Parents should not be trying to log into the teacher portal or student portal.

    2. Check that the user has appropriate roles.  Example: To access the Teacher Portal, a user must have the Faculty Full or Faculty Read roles.  To access the parent portal, the user must have the Parent role.  To access the student portal, the user must have the Student role.   Note:  For parents, make sure the user Profile is associated with a household connected with an Enrolled student.  For students, make sure the user Profile is associated with an Enrolled student.

    3. Check the target page for any additional criteria to access it.
        i. Log in to the target page with a user having the Website Full role.
        ii. Click “Content” in the upper left corner.
        iii. In the right menu, expand Roles.  Check for the roles required to access the page.  Does the user have all the necessary roles?
        iv. Expand Filter.  Check for any filters limiting access to the page.  Does the user qualify for the filter specified (if any)?
        Note:  It is possible that the roles in (iii) or the filters in (iv) are specified on the master page.  If you believe this may be the case, submit a ticket to support@pcreducator.com.

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