Migrating DMT to DAT

In order to migrate a DMT to DAT, follow these steps:
1. Review existing DMT queries and clean up duplicate or unused DMT queries.
2. Compare the remaining DMT queries to the existing DAT queries including those available as a DAT Standard Query 
    a. If you believe your report would be beneficial to other schools as a DAT Standard Query,  email support@pcreducator.com with a Bookmark link to the DMT query and an explanation of its purpose.
3. Recreate the remaining DMT queries in the DAT.

Note:  Existing DMT Filters will be accessible as DAT filters and don't need to be updated.

Note: Queries and Filters are associated with users.  If a user's query or filter does not include roles, it is only visible to the original user that creates the query or filter.

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