Configuring Admissions Event Sign-up Process

To set up new Admissions Events for the CMS Apply Online, perform the following steps.

In the Admissions module:
1. Create an Action using an Action Category of type “Inquiry” to represent your event.  Note: The action needs to have the read role “Applicant” in order to be available for parents to sign up.  Example: Create an action with the Action Name “Open House” using the “Inquiry Actions” Action Category.
2. Create the Admissions Event Category. Associate the event category to your Action
3. Configuring Admissions Events for the dates and times that parents may sign up.
4. Create an Admissions > Actions email template for the event signup thank you email.
5. Add the action as an Admissions Checklist ActionNote: Parents will only be able to sign up for events on Admissions Checklists that their applicant qualifies for.

Configuration in the Admissions module is complete.  The rest of the setup is in the CMS Apply Online.  Note: It is easiest to set up the pages in the reverse order that parents access them as each page will need to reference the next page.
1. Create an event signup thank you page.
2. Create an events signup page.  Note: Add the widget Admissions - Event Sign Up
3. Optional: Create an events calendar page. Note: Add the widget Admissions - Event Calendar
4. Add an Applicant Profile widget for events signup. Note: Add the widget Admissions Profile - Events
5. Optional: Create an event check-in page.  Note: Add the widget Admissions - Event Check In Note: The check-in page would be used on-site at the event to record event attendance.

Note:  The Apply Online Webinar Part 2 discusses events setup in both the Admissions Module and the CMS Apply Online.
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