Testing Payment Configuration

Payment for individual PCR Educator applications and products may be placed in a Test Mode during setup.  The actual behavior of the Test Mode varies by Payment Processor and does not record transactions to your school's live account.  Customer Invoices, Deposits, and Customer Receipts are still created when Test Mode is on.  Note:  Do NOT use real credit card or bank information for Test Mode.

Use the following test information which is generally accepted by most Payment Processors.  Note:  The test transaction amount should be at least $1.
For Credit Card
Credit Card Number 4111111111111111 Visa
Security Code/CSV 555 Some processors may generate an error code based on specific CSV numbers
Expiration Date Current or future If the expiration date is in the past, the transaction is usually declined.
Name on Card Test, Test The name does not matter.
Billing Address Any The billing address does not matter.

Note:  Do NOT use real credit card information for Test Mode.  

For ECheck
Routing Number 052001633 Bank of America
Account Number 999999999999 Invalid Account Number with Bank of America
Account Type Any For testing, the account type does not matter. Note: For live accounts, Savings Accounts are subject to Federal Reserve Board Regulation D
Name on Account Test The name does not matter.
Account Address Any The address does not matter
Email Email is not required
Note:  Do NOT use real bank account information for Test Mode.  

The following link provides additional information for testing with Authorize.Net

The following link provides additional information for testing with Network Merchants (NMI)

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