Restricting Access to CMS Pages, CMS Widgets and Features

One of the most powerful tools in the Content Management System (CMS) is the option to control what content and features are made accessible to different groups of users.  For instance, if you add information to the Parent Portal that only pertains to high school families, you can make that content visible only to high school families and hide it from other users.

There are several ways to restrict access to CMS pages, CMS Widgets, and their corresponding features:

1. Restricting CMS Page by DAT Filter
2. Restricting CMS Widget by DAT Filter
3. Restricting CMS Page by Role
4. Restricting CMS Page through CMS Sitemap
5. Restricting CMS Page by Unpublishing 
6. Restricting CMS Widget by Navigation Property
7. Restricting Content by Content Type

Note: To restrict access to forms, follow Restricting CMS Page by Unpublishing and Restricting CMS Widget by Navigation Property.

Note:  The combination of CMS Page roles, filters, published status along with the current user's authentication status affects CMS Sitemap Page Visibility.

Note: A DAT Filter is applied to a CMS Page or a CMS Widget through CMS DAT Filter Application.
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