Restricting CMS Page through CMS Sitemap

This method can be used if you want to completely remove a CMS Page from a menu.

- In your CMS Portal, navigate to Admin > Site Maps.
- Go to Details of the appropriate CMS Sitemap.
- Click on the hyperlink of the page that you want to remove.
- Click delete.

Note: Removing a page from the CMS Sitemap does not delete the page from the system.  You can always add it back by clicking “+” on the CMS Sitemap and selecting the CMS Page.

Note: If the CMS Page is not removable from the CMS Sitemap because it does not have a hyperlink that you can click on, it means that the CMS Sitemap node has the setting “Dynamic Data Source” enabled.  This setting automatically creates a menu item on the CMS Sitemap from corresponding dashboard CMS Widgets.  

To remove the CMS Page that is dynamically added by a CMS Widget , you can either:
- Navigate to properties of the corresponding CMS Widget and remove the CMS Page link from the “Navigate URL” field.
- Disable the “Dynamic Data Source” setting,which will remove all CMS Pages connected through the Dynamic Data Source.

Note: Removing a CMS Page from the CMS Sitemap does not prevent  users from accessing it if they have a direct link to the CMS Page.  You can prevent users from accessing a CMS Page  by using the Unpublishing CMS Page method.

Note:  The combination of CMS Page roles, filters, published status along with the current user's authentication status affects CMS Sitemap Page Visibility.

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