(Re) Enrollment Contract Admissions Enrolling for Contract Setup

The (Re) Enrollment Contract Admissions Enrolling for Contract Setup are (Re) Enrollment Contract Settings for inquiries and existing students to determine how actions are applied when starting and completing the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  The enrollment options are specified on the Contract > Settings page.

Admissions: Enrolling for Contract contains the contract settings controlling which inquiries are ready to fill out a (Re) Enrollment Contract.  In order to submit a (Re) Enrollment Contract, there must be an Admin > Student record.  Note: The applicant record must have a status of “Applicant” as well as the Ready for Contract Action in order to qualify for Pre-Enrollment.

    - Ready for Contract Action is an action on an inquiry record indicating that they are eligible to transition to the student side and the parent may complete a (Re) Enrollment Contract.  Admissions would apply this action to the inquiry record.  It is recommended that you have a dedicated “Ready for Contract” action to use for inquiries instead of relying on “Application Submitted” or another action used for a different purpose. Only inquiries which have the Ready for Contract Action specified for the xxx year will appear in the contract.

    - Pre-Enrolled for Contract is the Enrollment Profile determining the set of actions which are applied to the new student records who are enrolled from admissions based on the Ready for Contract Action.  This Enrollment Profile also determines that actions received by the original inquiry records.  Example:  You have a “Pre-Enroll Student for Contract” profile with an action to set the inquiry record's status to Enrolled and the student's status to Pre-Enrolled.  The profile is set to Copy Inquiry Data to Student and would be applicable to all divisions except a summer division.  When a parent with a suitable inquiry logs in, the inquiry gets enrolled as a student with the Pre-Enrolled action, and the admissions record receives an action indicating that they have been Enrolled.  Note: Inquiries eligible to be pre-enrolled are automatically created as students as soon as the parent logs into the (Re) Enrollment ContractNote:  The newly created student must qualify for the (Re) Enrollment Contract's Student Criteria for parents to start their (Re) Enrollment Contract.  Make sure the criteria allows for students with a pre-enrolled status, if applicable.
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