Grade Conversion Chart

The Grade Conversion Chart controls how many GPA Points each letter grade earns in the GPA Calculation.   To access the Grade Conversion Chart, navigate to Admin - Maintenance - Grades Conversion Chart.  You need the Archiving Full or Archiving Read role to access this page.

Grade Letter is the letter grade appearing on the report card or transcript.  Note: There are Special GPA Marks that you may or may not wish to include in the Grade Conversion Chart.  Please review the corresponding article.  Note: If you have number grades on the transcript instead of letter grades, you may want to enumerate all number grades and their corresponding GPA Points in the Grade Conversion Chart.  If the grade assigned is numeric and not found as a Grade Letter in the grade conversion chart, then it will be converted according to the Minimum Percent to find a corresponding Grade Letter. Note:  Multiple grades can have the same GPA Point values.  Example: A+, A, and A- could all be 4.0.

GPA Points is the unweighted point total earned for the letter grade. Note: Additional weighting is specified per course.  Weighting can either be a direct addition such as +0.5 points, or can be a percentage such as 10%.  The default is direct addition.

Gradebook Value is retained for backward compatibility only and can be ignored.

Minimum Percent is the minimum grade book average required to receive the grade.  Note: You may want to include built-in rounding for the minimum percent.  Example: 89.5 for an A

Note: The Grade Conversion Chart is specific to each division.

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