Class Rank

The class rank calculates the GPA for all selected students.  To run the class rank, navigate to a Student list and use the “Class Rank” multi-action.  You need Registrar Read, Registrar Full, Marks Read, or Marks Full roles to access this multi-action.  Choose the GPA Type that you want to run a class rank for.  This will load the default GPA Settings for the GPA.  Note: Any changes you make here will not change the default GPA SettingsNoteSchool Year is only applicable for Term, Year, and Cumulative GPAs.

Note: When you run the GPA, the results will be sorted according to the highest GPA and shows both the GPA Point and Credit total used for the result.  Clicking the GPA link for the student will show the Class Rank Details for how that GPA was calculated.

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