Class Rank Detail

The class rank details feature shows how the GPA is calculated for selected students. To run the class rank detail, navigate to a Student list and use the “Class Rank Detail” multi-action.  You need Registrar Read, Registrar Full, Marks Read, or Marks Full roles to access this multi-action.  Use this screen to diagnose why a GPA might be incorrect.  

Each course is calculated as follows:
Points = GPA Points from the Grade Conversion Chart * Credits Per Term * # of Terms
Credits = Credits Per Term * # of Terms

Verify for each row that:
1. All courses that should appear in the GPA actually show up. Note: The most common reason why a GPA is incorrect is when a course is not marked as Include in GPA.  This typically happens when a new course is created for the year, and the Include in GPA checkbox was not checked.  Alternatively, you might have too many courses showing up, and you'll want to determine why.
2. Verify the Credits per Term is correct.  Note: If this is incorrect, make sure it is correctly specified on the course or historical record.
3. Verify the Terms are correct.  Note:  In the case of a Year or Cumulative GPA that is based on Term grades, you will see 1 row for each Term grade.
4. Verify that the GPA Weight is correct.  Note: If this is not correct, make sure Weighted GPA is checked if you intended to run a weighted GPA.  Next, confirm that weighting is correctly specified on the course or historical record.
5. Verify that the GPA Points are correct per the equation above.  Note: If this is incorrect, confirm that you have the correct number of points specified for the grade in the Grade Conversion Chart.

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