Importing Data

Imports are used to  transfer data into the system in bulk from a text file.  
There are two different import processes:

  1. Importing New Records
  2. Importing Data for Existing Records

Note: Blank column headers must be removed.
Note: A common issue with pasting numerical values into Excel or similar software is that the numerical values get converted into scientific notation.  Online resources are available to help convert the values from scientific notation to a standard format so that the data can be imported.

Data Type                                                      Data Format Example                                      
Date mm/dd/yyyy
Date-Time mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm 02/25/2020 20:01
Integer Whole number with no decimal parts or any formatting 1
Decimal A number with a fractional part and no formatting. Fields that store currency values may have up to two decimal points.  1.25 
Text  A string (can contain letters, numbers, and special characters)  Tuition Payment                                               
Boolean  0 or 1  0
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