Importing New Records - Student Selections

Follow Importing New Records.

Required Fields

School_Year of 0 refers to the current year and 1 refers to the next year.

Student_id or Student_Last_Name/Student_First_Name combination.

Course_id or Course_Name 

Other Fields

Required_Level refers to the course selection ranking.

Alternative_To_Course_Name/Alternative_To_Course_Id  refers to a course that the student can be enrolled in if they are not able to get into the selected course.  Note: Only one of these fields need to be populated.  Note: In order to assign multiple alternative courses to a selection, a new row can be used for each alternative course. The alternative course will be ranked based on its position in the import template.  Example: If a selected course has two alternative courses, the course that is listed in the earlier row will be ranked higher.

Setting skip_course_grade_level_and_birthday_validation to 1 will enable the import to skip validation of course grade level or birthdate min/max parameters.

Student Selection Comment can be accessed in the Scheduling > Student Details > Selections screen.

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