Online Donation

Online Donation is a customized online form for your website visitors and existing constituency for donating to the school. You may include the following features:

  - Multiple landing pages for specific campaign or purpose
  - Click-through emails for quick RSVPs to events
  - A flexible fee structure for event tickets
  - Recurring options for donations
  - Single sign on for existing constituency
  - Friendly and customizable email confirmations
  - On-the screen campaign charts reflecting your goals and impacts of individual donors while donating
  - Pre-Filled information for existing constituency
  - Convenient methods for allocating gifts to multiple campaigns and funds

To set up the Online Donation Process, follow these steps:

  1. Configuring Online Donation covers everything that needs to be configured in the administrative portal prior to setting up the Online Donation.
  2. Online Donation Form Configuration covers building the form for online donation or for purchasing tickets for fundraising events. 
  3. Online Donation Email Invitation Configuration covers building the invitation and solicitation emails for click-through sign ups and donations.
  4.Online Donation Management Configuration covers options for donors to access their donation history, updating payment information, or communicating with the school. 
  5. Online Donation Administrative Management covers activities related to managing online donations.
  6. Online Donation Yearly Updates covers considerations related to updating your forms on a yearly basis to reflect new campaigns, funds and events.  

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