CMS Widget - Inquiry/Student Action

The Inquiry/Student Action CMS Widget records Inquiry Action or Student Action. You may enable file upload to allow users to upload files and record them as actions.  The widget can be found within the Updatable group.  Please review Adding CMS Widget for more information.  To limit this widget's visibility, review CMS - Conditional Logic.

Action Type determines which action the file should be associated with.  Select a Student Action if the file needs to be uploaded for a Student or select an Inquiry Action if the file needs to be uploaded for an Inquiry/Applicant.

Confirmation Email property is used to send out an email when a file is uploaded.  The emails are configured in Admin/Admissions > Students/Inquiries/Applicants > Email screen.  If the upload is configured for a student record, please set up a student specific email in in the Admin module.. Otherwise, set up an applicant specific email in the Admissions module.

Allowed File Extensions restricts allowed file extensions to the specified list.

Is File Embedded if Possible embeds the file directly on the page so that a user can view the contents of the file after uploading it.

Is File Removable setting allows users to remove any files that they may have uploaded.  If this setting is disabled, the user will need to contact the school if they would like to remove the file that they uploaded.

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