Deleting/Deactivating Staff

When a staff member leaves the school, you should deactivate their record. Deleting a Staff Record is an exceptional circumstance. When a staff member leaves the school, you should follow the steps of  Deactivating Staff.  Note: It is recommended that you deactivate the staff record instead of deleting it because you may lose some data such as DAT queries and filters that may be associated with the staff record once you delete it.  Moreover, if the staff person is a current parent or may plan to apply to the school in the future, it will be best to deactivate their record. Note: usually you only delete a staff record when it was created by mistake. 

To delete/deactivate a staff record:

      1. Navigate to Scheduling > Courses > Sections.  Make sure that you have “Current Year Schedule” selected on the top right dropdown.
      2. Search for the staff record based on the Teacher Last/First name fields.  You will see all course sections that are associated with the staff record.
      3. Go to details of each section and remove the staff record from the course section.
      4. Navigate to Scheduling > Courses  > Sections and select “Next Year Schedule” on the top right dropdown.  Complete steps #2 and #3 in the next year.
      5. To deactivate a staff record, follow the steps in Deactivating Staff.  To delete a staff record, follow the steps in Deleting Staff

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