Importing New Records - Student Attendance

Field Required Type SampleValue Notes
block_Id No Key Id "1234" All block_ids must have an explicitly defined block_id, or all blocks must not have an explicitly defined block_id
block_id must not be in use already and must be unique
block_code Yes Data "A"
block_code_second_line No Data "Advanced Math" Block_Code provides the main identifier, while Block_Code_Second_Line allows for additional details or differentiation within the same block category
Day_of_Cycle Yes Data "1" Day_of_Cycle must be in range 1-99
Cell_Of_Day Yes Data "1" Cell_Of_Day must be in range 1-99
Begin_Time Yes Data "08:20 AM" Begin_Time date must equal End_Time date (must start and end on the same day)
End_Time Yes Data "09:30 AM"
Template_Only Yes Datasource Data "1" 1 means this is a template block and will always show on a pdf schedule and students are not scheduled into this block, and 0 means that students are scheduled in this block
Print_On_Daily_Schedule Yes Datasource Data "1" 0 means do not show on pdf schedules and 1 means show on pdf schedules
School_Id Yes Identifier "1" Link to School_Id
School_Year Yes Datasource Data "0" 0 means the current year and 1 means next year

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