Finance - Reports General

The Finance - Reports General tab includes parameters configuring how the report operates.  All Finance reports have the following common parameters:

Parameter Description
Ledger The current ledger. Navigate to Home in order to switch to a new ledger.
Max Chart Layout Depth This determines how deep your selected Chart Layout will show. Any depth greater than the Max Chart Layout Depth will be summarized to the specified maximum depth.
Chart Layout Specify the chart layout to use for the report. Note: Only chart layouts you own or public chart layouts appear as options. Note: Chart layouts with an * are owned by you. Note: The default layout is a basic layout defined by PCR Educator. Please define a custom Chart Layout to use instead.
Include Unposted When checked, both posted and unposted records appear in the results. When unchecked, only posted records appear in the results.
Use Billing Address When checked, this shows the billing address in the report heading.
Report Heading This defines the heading/title on the report.
Font Name The font appearing on the report.
Font Size The font size used by the report.
Show Parameter Summary When checked, a list of all the parameters and their specified values will be appended to the end of the report.

: Individual reports include additional parameters specific to the report.

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