Finance - Reports Fields

The Finance - Reports fields give you control over which fields appear on the report.

Visible determines if the field appears on the report.

Field is an internal, unique reference name for the field.

Header is the header text for the column appearing on the report.

Inches determine how much space is allocated on the report for the field.  Note: The report resizes based on the maximum width of all columns specified.  You are not restricted to a standard paper size.

Formula is the formula used by Custom fields.  Note: To create a custom formula field, click the “New” button at the bottom of the fields list.  To include other fields in the formula, add brackets  around the standard field name.  Example: [ExistingFieldName].  Note: You can use parentheses () and basic mathematical functions +-*/ in a formula.  Make sure to include spaces before and after a mathematical function.  Example: ([ExistingFieldName] - 50) * 1.25

Selected Row allows you to select a row and use the Up and Down buttons at the bottom of the fields list to change the order that the fields appear on the report.

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