PCR Educator's school management software offers a dynamic feature, the Data Analytics Tool (DAT). This versatile module allows for the creation of tailor-made queries that can be exported to suit diverse needs and promote insightful analysis. To further extend its capabilities and flexibility, we have integrated an API, a game-changing addition that opens up new realms of possibilities. This API empowers other API users to pull data from the DAT, offering a seamless experience and making the tool more accessible, more powerful, and more adaptable to a wide range of scenarios.

Note: The DAT API module needs to be enabled by PCR Educator.  If you are interested in using this module, please contact support@pcreducator.com 

This API is accessible via SOAP protocol and the definitions can be reached at the following server address: https://webappsca.pcrsoft.com/Campus/Common/DAT.asmx?wsdl

The API is designed around three core methods: 

1. DAT API - Get DAT Queries
2. DAT API - Get DAT Parameters
3. DAT API - Get DAT Export

These methods collectively allow API users to view each available DAT Query, identify necessary parameters, and export the DAT Query.

A user login with an API Full role, other appropriate user roles (based on the roles specified on the DAT Query), the school connection name, and other inputs are required to access these API methods. 

Note: Please reach out to support@pcreducator.com to obtain the school connection name.
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