PCR EDUCATOR Referral Program!

Dear valued customers, we're thrilled to announce our new PCR EDUCATOR Referral Program! We believe the best recommendations come from those who've experienced our services first-hand, and we want to show our appreciation when you share your positive experiences with your network.

Here's how it works:

🎯 Refer PCR EDUCATOR to another school.
🎁 If they attend a demo of our services, we'll credit your account with $500 as a token of our gratitude.

💰 If they sign up for our services, we'll add an additional $1500 credit to your account!

This is a great way to help other institutions benefit from our services while we show our appreciation for your continued support.
Thank you for being a part of the PCR EDUCATOR community. If you have any questions about our new program, feel free to drop us a message or comment below.

Let's grow together! 🚀

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