Student Information System Software (SIS)

PCR Educator's Student Information System (SIS) software is the leading web-based student information management solution for educational institutions including private schools and independent schools. Streamline your school operations with an integrated online solution which connects your entire community.

Student Dashboard with schedule, attendance, report cards, health

Manage Your Students Effectively With Dashboards

Responsive, integrated and intuitive, PCR Educator’s SIS for independent and private schools provides customized dashboards with:
  • student attendance and discipline
  • online gradebook, assessments, GPA, class rank, report cards and transcripts
  • academic performance analysis
  • medical and emergency data
  • student enrollment forms and agreements
  • student billing items including statements, invoices, receipts
  • schedules and course selections
  • standardized test results, EIPs, individual plans
  • student boarding and dorm info
  • student communication through email, phone, text and online discussion forums
Email from teacher portal and online forum discussion

Foster Efficient Communication

Engage your school’s community by email, voice call or a text message (SMS) using PCR Educator marketing and communication tool with:
  • targeted and personalized email campaigns
  • automated notifications including attendance and grades alerts, turion and pledge reminders, application status updates
  • emergency notification system which instantly launches emergency alerts via voice, text, email
  • advanced tracking technology with statistics for click-through rates and read rates
  • responsive email design
  • access to communication records for students, staff, families, donors
  • smart email forms with RSVP options for online events

Engage Students, Parents, Staff Through Community Portals

Bridge the communications gap between your community and staff using our Content Management System (CMS) Connect system, serving portals for students, families, and teachers with:
  • gradebook, electronic assessments, due dates, calendars and online assignment submission
  • live schedules, class lists, online class selection
  • attendance and discipline
  • online event signup
  • online directories for students, courses, and teachers
  • built-in communication tools for mass and individual emails
  • online forms for updating information including addresses, emergency info, medical and health data, permission slips, consents
  • personalized and organized content which simplifies targeted communications and marketing including news, calendars, announcements, photo galleries, discussion forums
  • student billing, lunch ordering, online store, statements, online payments

Online teacher, student, parent portals with gradebook, report cards, scheduling, attendance

Impact Your School With Data Analytics Tools and Comprehensive Reporting

Turn your data into insights and harness these insights for real impact with PCR Educator Data Analytics Tool and Reporting Services for independent schools which include prebuilt reports adopted by many independent and private schools as well as a module for developing custom reports. These features are designed to increase profitability, streamline financial planning and budgeting, optimize operations, simplify analysis of educational assessments and predict potential donations.
Online reporting and data analytics for school information management system
Student Billing and Finance for independent schools with tuition management and online payments

Increase Profitability and Optimize Student Billing

Transform your financial operations into an automated process, that builds enrollment agreements directly from admissions, applies awards from financial aid, collects online deposits, generates invoices and collects fees automatically using preselected payment plans. PCR Educator Student Billing and Finance System for independent and private schools also allows families to easily access their financial info directly from CMS Parent Connect, a portal for parents, where they can review financial activity, pay tuition or pledges online and sign-up for automated billing. The system also manages a point of sale system in cafeteria and stores for onsite and online purchases.

Online scheduling system for k-12 independent and private schools

Schedule Online with PCR Educator’s Scheduling System

Responsive, fast and intelligent, PCR Educator’s Scheduling System for independent and private schools maximizes your school’s scheduling potential by deriving the best possible master schedule and minimizing the staff resources with:
  • intuitive interface for online course selections
  • traditional, block and on-the-fly schedules
  • teacher and time restrictions
  • comprehensive pre-requisite system
  • gender and size balancing
  • early dismissal, late arrival and other alternative schedules support
  • walk-in scheduler
  • cross-divisional scheduling
  • state-of-the-art scheduling algorithm with average run time under 30 seconds


What is a Student Information System (SIS)?


A Student Information System (SIS), student management system, school administration software or student administration system is a management information system for education establishments to manage student data. It includes scheduling, reporting, attendance, discipline and communication tools.


What are the components of a Student Information System (SIS)?


A Student Information System (SIS) components include student record management, attendance and discipline, assignments and gradebooks, report cards and transcripts, immunizations, consents, medical releases, staff management, files management, parent teacher conference registration, class schedules, GPA, awards, honor rolls and student dashboards. Other modules related to SIS are Admissions, Finance and Student Billing, Enrollment, Fundraising / Development, Website, Cafeteria / Lunch Management, and Summer School / Camp Registration.

PCR Educator School Information System is an online database engineered for schools and universities to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent communication and customized design.

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